Each edition of CABLE features commentary and analysis from talented individuals working across the fields of academia, journalism, policymaking and the arts. See below for a list of our contributors.


Liam Beattie previously worked in the European Parliament. He now works for a third sector organisation in Edinburgh. He is a regular commentator for the BBC on equality issues. Liam is on Twitter at: @Liam_Beattie Email him at: Ljbeattie1@gmail.com


Alexander Brotman is a master’s student in international relations at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include European politics, NATO, and Russian foreign and security policy. Previously he worked as a research intern with the Center for a New American Security in Washington. Alexander is on Twitter at: @albrotman


Richard Ferguson is the founder of Ferguson Cardo, a Glasgow-based consultancy which provides strategic advice, independent consulting, and research across the food, agriculture and biosciences sectors to a range of companies, governments, financial institutions and NGOs. He has lived, worked and studied in Asia, Africa, Continental Europe, Latin America, and the UK, and has written for a wide range of publications, policy institutes,and think tanks. Richard is on Twitter at: @richard_agri


Lindsay Hastings is project coordinator with the Scottish Global Forum. She runs CABLE’s regular 7 Questions feature.


Kirsty Hughes is Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. She is on Twitter at: @KirstyS_Hughes


Colin Imrie is an independent policy analyst. He has worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Scottish Government, and the European Commission. He is on Twitter at: @ImrieColin


Bassah Khalaf is an Assistant Professor in international law at the University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Khalaf specializes in European law, human rights and administrative law, focusing on immigration and family reunification. Her PhD thesis on Union Citizens’ family reunification rights was published in 2016. Contact Bassah at: khal@sam.sdu.dk


Ewen Levick is undertaking a Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on international security and national strategy. He previously served in the Australian Army. Contact Ewen at: ewen.levick@gmail.com


John MacDonald is Editor of CABLE. He is on Twitter at: @1johnmacdonald. Email him at: editor@cablemagazine.scot


Lindsay Mackenzie is a European security analyst specialising in Russia. He writes regularly in the national media on these subject areas. Lindsay works with the Scottish Global Forum and with CABLE. He is on Twitter at: @l_pmackenzie 


A former British Army military engineer, Rae McGrath has spent the past 32 years working in humanitarian operations across the world. He has worked for many international aid agencies, for the United Nations, and for the European Union. He founded and was the first Director of the Mines Advisory Group and was a core member of both the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and the Cluster Munition Coalition. He represented the ICBL and gave the Peace Lecture when it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He has lectured widely on conflict response and received an Honorary Doctorate from York University for his humanitarian work. The author of a number of key books and papers he is currently an advisor and writer on conflict response issues. McGrath was Mercy Corps Director from 2013 to 2016 responsible for high-volume cross-border food and critical aid from Turkey into North Syria.


Caroline McKay is Development Manager for Link Community Development International, an organisation dedicated to supporting various projects across sub-Saharan Africa.


Thomas Merritt is completing his MSc in International Relations at the University of Dundee. His research interests include the international relations of the Middle East, terrorism, and political violence. Contact Thomas at: t.j.merritt@dundee.ac.uk


David Pratt is a multi-award winning journalist, photographer, broadcaster and editor. As a correspondent, his specialist areas include conflict, humanitarian, security and intelligence issues, especially in the Arab and Islamic world and sub-Saharan Africa. He is a Contributing Editor to CABLE and at the Herald/Sunday Herald. He is on Twitter at: @foreigncorr1


Angus Roxburgh has studied Russia for over 45 years, and was Moscow correspondent for the BBC and Sunday Times. He worked as a media consultant to the Kremlin in 2006-9. His memoir, Moscow Calling, will be published in September 2017. He is on Twitter at: @angus_roxburgh  www.angusroxburgh.com


Joseph Royce is completing his MSc in International Relations at the University of Dundee. His research interests include the international arms trade, Yemen and AQAP, religion and politics in the Persian Gulf. Contact Joseph at: j.royce@dundee.ac.uk 


Nannie Sköld currently works with young people through the Central and West Integration Network. Before that, she spent five months volunteering in the children’s centre and, later, the legal team in Dunkirk refugee camp.


Ryan Swan is a freelance translator and writer. His main interests are asylum and refugee studies, works by Syrian revolutionary thinkers, and political Islam. Ryan is on Twitter at: @Ryan0Swan


Abdullah Yusuf is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Dundee. His research interests lie in the area of international organisations, the politics of humanitarian armed interventions, and conflict in the Middle East. Contact Abdullah at: m.a.yusuf@dundee.ac.uk