What is CABLE?

CABLE is Scotland’s only dedicated international affairs magazine. Published online, monthly, it delivers high-quality analysis of international affairs through bold analysis and opinion pieces, interesting interviews, and strong images. CABLE is independent and non-partisan.

The CABLE team is eclectic in its outlook. We’re interested in everything from trade, development, and energy issues to diplomacy, human rights, and conflict. As a Scottish publication - based in Glasgow - each edition of CABLE carries features which may have particular interest for a Scottish readership. However, our global focus and network of international contributors ensures that we also cover issues from across the world. CABLE is aimed at anyone with an interest in international affairs.

As a monthly publication, we’re freed from the imperative to pursue news stories. This format allows us to take a more reflective approach to current events, and to analyse issues in a wider context. We are enthusiasts of long-form content - each edition of CABLE carries articles of up to 4,500 words, thus allowing our contributors more scope in their writing.

Why the name ‘CABLE’?

In thinking up a name for our magazine, we were looking for a pithy, memorable title which alludes to the practice of international affairs. We decided on the name ‘CABLE’ - as in diplomatic cable. The name of our magazine is thus a nod to the enduring need to communicate effectively in politics and international affairs.

Who produces CABLE?

CABLE is produced by a small, dedicated team. The Editor of CABLE is John MacDonald, formerly Director of the Scottish Global Forum. Contributing Editors are Norrie MacQueen (University of St Andrews) and David Pratt (Contributing Foreign Editor at The Herald and Sunday Herald). Editorial support is provided by Lindsay Mackenzie and Max Graham, both of whom write regularly for CABLE. Technical and editorial support is provided by Green Corrie Consultants. Project and communications support is provided by Tanya Gersiova. Antoaneta Grivekova provides concepts and designs.

Can I contribute to CABLE?

The CABLE team welcomes approaches from any writer, photographer, social media, web, or business expert who thinks they can enhance our work. If you think you can add something to CABLE, please contact us.

We’re very happy to receive pitches from writers who can make a quality contribution to our output. The best guide to the kind of content we publish is to look at what we have published previously. Please take time to look through our website. Pitches to our editorial team should be sent through our Contact Us form.

Do I have to pay to read CABLE?

CABLE was created to encourage greater analysis and discussion of international affairs in Scotland. We want as many people as possible to engage with our work. We therefore maintain open access to our website. It is thus not compulsory to pay to read CABLE. However, we ask everyone who reads our work to support us if they possibly can. CABLE relies upon reader donations. 

Why should I support CABLE?

Producing CABLE is a full-time endeavour. It is time-consuming. It is costly. With no financial backers behind us, CABLE needs all the support that our 15,000+ readers can offer. We cannot sustain our work whilst our core staff remain unpaid. We must support journalism by commissioning appropriately: we cannot expect journalists to write for CABLE for free - it’s important to us that talented people are paid when they exercise their talents on our behalf. We also have a wide array of expenses to meet, ranging from administration and website support, to travel costs, equipment, and our CABLE Dialogues events.

CABLE is Scotland’s only dedicated international affairs magazine. If you value what we do, please support us by registering a donation. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

You can support CABLE for less than £1 per week. We invite you to be as generous as possible in supporting Scotland’s international affairs magazine.