The Alyson Bailes Prize

CABLE will run an annual essay competition. It will be called the Alyson Bailes Prize, in memory of the eminent UK diplomat and academic Alyson Bailes, who sadly passed away in April 2016. A person of great intelligence, wit, and generosity, Alyson was highly regarded by everyone who met her.

Having made Selkirk home in her later years, Alyson’s interest in small states and northern European affairs saw her take a great interest in the issues affecting Scotland and its place in the world. She wrote and spoke with great balance and wisdom on this subject.

The Alyson Bailes Prize will be open to Honours and Master’s degree students studying at Scottish universities. Entrants will be invited to write a 1,200 word essay in response to a question set by our judging panel. The panel will also judge and announce the winning essay. The winner of The Alyson Bailes Prize will receive a £400 award. Their winning essay will be published in CABLE magazine.

We will be announcing the final details of the Alyson Bailes Prize shortly, including entry rules and a competition timetable.